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“Work­ing with Mar­i­anne really cleaned out a lot of my emo­tional garbage.

Using FasterEFT with Matrix and other meth­ods, many of my neg­a­tive emo­tions and thoughts dis­solved and were replaced with pos­i­tive ones.

Mar­i­anne is focused, lis­tens, is com­pas­sion­ate and gets results fast! Thank you for help­ing me restart my life!


Release Emotional Baggage

“I have been attempting to restart my life after several years of cancer treatment and surgeries.

During that time I went through bankruptcy and foreclosure and am now trying to find a path to generate income. As a former graphic designer/writer I have been in stress and physical pain whenever I have thought of using my talents again and have become stuck, frustrated and unable to move forward.

I had ONE session with Marianne and through her precise questions and processes she pinpointed the location of the stressful block and worked through removing it. I felt an immediate release and am so grateful.

I was impressed with her clarity, compassion and dedication to my intent to move forward with hopefulness.

Thanks you Marianne, you are amazing!”

Judith Orr, Chicago IL

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Are you tired of doing everything right…

…and still getting nowhere?

Feeling Stuck?

Chances are that you are carrying around “Emotional Baggage”.

Emotional baggage drives doubt, fear and hesitation.  It’s the trigger for the endless loop of thoughts that scream things like “You can’t do that” or “It won’t work”.  Even worse, you may sometimes hear these thoughts in another person’s voice. (i.e. your father saying “You’ll never amount to anything”.

If you’re stuck, afraid to move forward, or ready to give up

                                        – it’s likely that you’ve got a negative inner voice on “repeat”.

The Solution-

Because you always carry your emotions with you, the real solution is to transform your emotional baggage. It’s not enough to simply silence the inner critic – that’s like locking the monster in the closet…before you know it you hear them banging on the door to get out.  In order to succeed you must first remove, and then replace, your inner critic with a supportive inner coach!

IMPORTANT NOTE:  I’m not talking about creating and repeating affirmations here.  (That’s a temporary solution)

I am talking about truly releasing the triggers and causes of your negative chatter and replacing it with a new “playlist” of positive, inspiring, motivating thoughts. Imagine having THAT list on “autoplay” in your mind.

It’s like having your own inner cheerleader who inspires you to take action and reach for your dreams! We’re talking life changing!

“To let go is to release the images and emotions, the grudges and fears, the clingings and disappointments of the past that bind our spirit.”

                                     – Jack Kornfield

Emotional Baggage

What is emotional baggage?

Emotional baggage is, in the simplest terms, memories -and the beliefs they create- that negatively impact your ability to move forward.

Some baggage is obvious:

  • My ex was a traveling sales rep and cheated on me - I won't date anyone who travels for work
  • I had a really bad experience working in retail - I won't work in retail again

The most damaging baggage is hidden deep:

  • Feeling "not good enough" - or a perfectionist
  • Over-reacting to how a stranger looks at you - and not knowing why.
  • Afraid to apply for a job - that you have the skillset to do well
  • Hoarding things - for fear of "needing it" someday
  • Over/under spending - or a poverty mindset
  • Holding yourself back-staying stuck
  • A strong inner critic - negative self talk

The good new is, the emotional baggage is not your fault.

The BEST news is, it's easier to transform this baggage than you think!

When it comes to finding & clearing mental blocks

– Marianne Strait is a SURGEON!


Amy Jo Ellis

Most of my life I have 'felt' that something was holding me back and when I found Faster EFT I just knew it would help to rid me of my blockages.

I was recommended Marianne and am glad I reached out to her for our initial consult.  From the start, I could 'feel' that she sincerely cared and would help.  Through her attention to details, questions, and insights, I knew that she was very thorough and would dig out the blockages.

This morning (after initial consult) I felt light, optimistic and with no anxiety as I knew she 'had my back'.  I booked my first 2-hour session with her immediately and cannot wait to start digging all the crud that I have stored a dragged with me for 62 years now.

Victor K

What it's like to "let it go"...

Perhaps the easiest way to share this is with a case study.*

A client of mine was agoraphobic. (Afraid to leave their home and go out among people) They'd been working to release their baggage for some time - with no success.

Background: As a child, this client had accidentally started a fire - their mother died in it. ­­­After that a series of very disturbing events had taken place…

Identifying the triggers

Our first task was to identify what caused them to withdraw from society. We explored the memories that had “pain” attached to find the cause. Was it the fire? Was it one of the many awful things that happened in the years since?

We discovered that while the firefighters were battling the blaze –  a group of people gathered. In (my client’s) young mind (under 10 years old) they believed the group blamed her. We realized they were transferring their own sense of guilt  to the people around them, and, as a result, felt guilt every time they were around people.

Letting go

As we tapped (FasterEFT) - it happened. The shift. The client let go of the guilt.

The next morning I received an email. They were feeling empowered and free!  Shortly after I got another email -they were actively interviewing for jobs, and felt ready for a real, romantic, relationship!

What happens after you let go?

Imagine looking at the world, and yourself, in an entirely new way!

When you've removed the triggers around "I'm not good enough" or "Nobody likes me" or "I have bad luck", everything changes!

You can dream big - and expect big results

Without that fear you can wake up every morning eager to move toward your goals - instead of worrying about whether or not you'll fail. Why? When you aren't afraid to fail you will focus on doing your best.  You're motivated to try new things, to "get out there" and share your gifts with the world.

Because you are taking the bigger steps - you can dream bigger and set bigger goals. Instead of saying "I really hope this happens", you'll be out there making it happen.

Go beyond "letting go"

In addition to emotional releasing, I am a certified life coach. I will help you to set those bigger goals. Together we'll create action plans and I will offer accountability and support as you move forward in your life.

Imagine that you've let go of the resistance, and have doubled your income. What does that mean? Well, for one, life is a whole lot better, and, #2 - You want to double it again!  This is why FasterEFT and other techniques are designed to be a life long skill. Each time you uplevel and move to uplevel again, new resistance will pop up.  If you know how to release this resistance on your own - and you use it regularly - you'll never get "stuck" again!

" When the receiver is ready, the gift appears ",  or something close to that sentiment.  I thought of the gift you are, have been and have given me,  of yourself, your time, your faith in me, your encouragement, your reminding me of my own gifts and who i am and have been, and of possibilities. thank you so much, dear wonderful, kind, marianne!

Again, i will keep you with me, in my heart and prayers. much love, joy, strength, dana

Dana M

*Disclaimer any case study or testmonial on this site represent individual client experiences with FasterEFT and are in NO WAY meant to represent, claim or suggest that FasterEFT or emotional releasing will heal, cure, or fix anything.  It also does not suggest that you will have the same or similar results. I was given permission to share this case study and I chose to  make it gender neutral to protect the client’s privacy.

Transform Your Emotional Baggage Into Something Beautiful!

Transform Emotional Baggage

“Free Yourself”

Strategy Session

Would you like to hop on a private, no cost, strategy session with me?

We’ll spend our time discovering what is holding you back, and creating a strategy to “let go”of your limiting beliefs. We’ll even  create a vision of the life you’d like to live!

Click on the button and schedule your session now  It’s free – you’ve got nothing to lose and so much to gain!



Please note – this is a strategy session, not a free FasterEFT session.

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Marianne Strait, FasterEFT Coach

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Working with me…

  • We’ll work on Skype or the phone. (FasterEFT is best done via a video call – though my life shifting session with Robert Smith was done over the telephone)
  • Life coaching packages are available in your choice of 3,6, or 12 months (they include Emotional Releasing Sessions)
  • FasterEFT / Emotional Releasing Packages are also available
  • Looking to fast track? Consider the 90 Day Jumpstart Program
  • You determine the tone, pace and speed of our work.  Some clients love homework between sessions, others do not.
  • You set the goals for our time together
  • I provide accountability for the goals you set
  • I will NOT leave you in an unsettled state.  If I sense you need help I will be there for you.
  • Packages include unlimited email between sessions.
  • You will learn how to do emotional releasing on your own (So you aren’t dependent on a coach)
  • I’m not a therapist, social worker or psychologist. I do not claim to heal, fix or cure anything.

If this sounds like what you are looking for,  I’d love the opportunity to talk with you, and see if we would work well together.

About me…

It’s always hard, to share my story in such a public way.  So many issues and memories, so much baggage that’s been cleared and I want to honor the privacy of those who have played their role in helping me to grow. (even if it was by triggering me in what seemed like a negative way)

I’ve spent most of my life in an environment of doubt, coupled with the mindset of “the world is out to get us”.  I’ve let that tone, set by others, hold me back – until I simply “gave up”…and stayed stuck for decades! The truth is, rather than stand up for my own dreams, I chose to play the victim card at a professional level! Poor me!!  (I am so glad those days are over!)

I’ve experienced loss – from my brother at age 8 (I was 10) to my mom when I was 22, and several miscarriages. I’ve experienced both the pain of infertility (and it’s “treatment”) and the joys of giving birth to two amazing sons.

Like you, I’ve had both victories and setbacks.  And moments of confusing and inexplicable self-sabotage.

Thankfully, I have risen far above the depressed, apathetic woman I was only 6 years ago. I worked my way through it all with the help of some fabulous mentors, coaches and practitioners, and a ton of personal effort.

I’ve learned the importance of mindset – I now realize that as I learn and grow I will constantly need mindset shifts. After all, when you reach a new level it’s natural to want to reach higher still – and that requires a new mindset!

Because of my own experience, I am a compassionate listener. My clients have accused me of being “psychic”, of “having a knack” or being “a natural” in helping them identify and release what’s holding them back.

The greatest gift my first “business” coach gave to me was believing in me when I couldn’t believe in myself. His generous spirit, taught me the importance of finding the very best in my clients and holding that vision for them until they are able to see it for themselves!

It’s no surprise that my “Gene Key” personality profile listed “Helping others see themselves in a new way” as my life’s purpose!

“Work­ing with Mar­i­anne really cleaned out a lot of my emo­tional garbage. Using FasterEFT with Matrix and other meth­ods, many of my neg­a­tive emo­tions and thoughts dis­solved and were replaced with pos­i­tive ones.

Mar­i­anne is focused, lis­tens, is com­pas­sion­ate and gets results fast! Thank you for help­ing me restart my life!

Bruce Nilson

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More from my clients:

Marianne - I purposely put off writing a note to you as I wanted to let some time pass to evaluate the effect of our time together. We had talked about my addition to chocolate. Two days after we talked was a Friday and in my office my boss comes in with warm brownies with the fragrance wafting through my office. I can honestly say that I had no ability to look at those brownies without remembering some of the words we associated with chocolate. Even when my daughter made brownies in our home over the weekend, there was still no desire for them. I was not sure what to expect out of the call and was surprised at the nerves that you touched on, nerves that I did not consider exposed that much. The depth of our discussion surprised me. Almost a week out I can see our time together was not just a momentary event, but something that can impact my life. Thank you. Please feel free to use the above as a testimonial if you feel that it will speak to others about the value of your service. I greatly appreciate the extended time that you spent with me. Susan Sweeney Sue Sweeney

I never realized my feelings of sadness/loneliness I felt when staying at my father's house when I was a little girl was also mixed with anger at my mother for not protecting me. That was eye opening. Also the visualization with the inner child was helpful. I've tried to connect with her before, but didn't know how to speak to her and you helped me a lot with that. I've been in therapy for years and I'm aware of many of my patterns, but I've never been able to change them. I am so happy to have found the Faster EFT method but definitely needed someone to help me do it.  I still have more work to do and tapping on my own, but I'm excited for more breakthroughs and shifts in my thinking!! Danielle Caron

Hi Marianne, Thank you so much for the beautiful session you guided me through yesterday.  I still feel soo good!!  I woke up thinking again about the enlivening and warm feeling of love and okayness in myself.  I appreciate you being able to facilitate the healing with me!  I am very grateful. I want to feel this way all of the time and be able to go back to that feeling!  Hope you are having a wonderful day. With Love, Tammy Tammy

I am surprised how quickly I opened up.  I must have been ready.  I like this method a lot, this getting in touch with the physical sensation. I appreciate your sense of humor, that is important to me, and how you went with me and where I was. Ludia

Marianne, That session we had certainly hit every nail on the head.  It helped me get all those troubling things out of my system and I'm like a changed person, now.  My blood pressure is now within the normal range on a daily basis.  It's wonderful, is all I can say.  I don't think about it anymore and I'm ready to move forward.  So again, thank you for a wonderful session. Fran - Ft Lauderdale FL USA

I wanted to let you know that my anxiety is pretty much gone. I have done the tapping exercises you showed me a couple of times since just as a maintenance because I cant believe its gone!! I am giving my speech at ToastMasters in a couple of hours and really I feel fine!! Lisa

With regards to our session I felt that you were spot on right from the beginning on my 'issue' without me having to go into great detail which I so appreciated. You conducted yourself very professionally with a gentle but firm way of navigating through my 'stuff'. I especially liked it when you had me do some visualizing which I found very useful in terms of allowing me to shift into a deeper understanding of my part in what I am/was experiencing. I would not hesitate to recommend Marianne to anyone who is looking to clear any issue that may be holding you back in your life K Hamilton - Vancouver, BC Canada

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Until you heal the wounds of your past, you will continue to bleed.

You can bandage the bleeding with food, with alcohol, with drugs, with work, with cigarettes, with sex, but eventually, it will all ooze through and stain your life.

You must find the strength to open the wounds, stick your hands inside, pull out the core of the pain that is holding you in your past, the memories, and make peace with them”

          ~Iyanla Vanzant

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